Call for Adjunct-to-Adjunct Conference Presenters

March 22nd, 2024


Navigating Higher Education: People, Process, and Problems


Unprecedented challenges for most educators and students changed the higher education landscape. Many adjuncts rose to the challenge by developing new skills and techniques to capture student attention and create connections. As education continues to evolve, RAFO invites members to present their struggles and solutions to navigate higher education at the 2024 Adjunct-to-Adjunct Professional Development Conference.


You are invited to share best practices this spring at the Adjunct-to-Adjunct conference. Topics of interest to attendees include:

  • Student Anxiety/Adjunct Anxiety
  • Strategies and Techniques for a New Student Population
  • Utilizing Social Media and Technology for Learning
  • Engaging Students
  • Building Community in the Classroom


Guidelines for the March 22 Conference:

  • Develop a 30-minute presentation (multi-media available)
  • Participate with RAFO audience in the final panel discussion.


To learn more, contact Dr. Ami Hicks at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Submit a proposal.

Due February 23, 2024.


Working Together, We Can Climb Even Higher in 2024


Roosevelt University is looking for qualified applicants for the following three full-time positions. Adjuncts are encouraged to application. Clink the link below each position description for additional information.


Full-Time, Tenure Track, Assistant Professor in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The Posting Number for this position is F0000192. Application deadline is August 15, 2024. However, the position will be open until it is filled 


Full-Time, Non-Tenure Track, Visiting Lecturer in Information Systems/Business Analytics. The Posting Number for this position is F0000193. Application deadline is October 27th. However, the position will be open until it is filled.


Full-Time, Tenure Track, Assistant Professor in School Counseling. The Posting Number for this position is F0000191. The application deadline is 8/15/2024. However, the position will be held open until it is filled.


RAFO Members:

As lead negotiator for the 2020-2024 contract, I am pleased to announce that your negotiating team and Roosevelt University have come to an agreement. RAFO is extremely pleased with the final outcome and we believe you will be, too. The University was adamant on 0% for the first year, but as an offset for that 0%, we negotiated a signing bonus of $150 for each bargaining unit member that taught either in Spring 2020 or will teach in the upcoming Fall 2020 semester. That then takes us into the final three years of the contract where adjuncts will receive a 2% increase for each of those years.

As I hope you can see from the above, RAFO worked hard to ensure that you are rewarded for the professionalism and integrity all have shown during these unusual and trying times. We are attaching a copy of the final contract for you to review and eventually ratify. The areas that appear in green are changes that were made to the verbiage in the contract that will support RAFO during the upcoming 4 years.  Appendix A reflects the 2% increase for each step in the final three years.

A link with the time will be sent next week for all to join this a zoom meeting, where we can answer your questions about the contract.

In closing, we hope you will be as excited as we are regarding the new contract.

In solidarity,

Don Wlodarski and the RAFO team:

Jen Wilson, Joseph Fedorko, Amelia Hicks, Stan Traywick, Mike Pinsoff and Dennis Tucker